Online non-bank payday loans – what is worth knowing about them?

When unplanned expenses exceeding our savings appear in our budget, we usually look for the fastest way to get the money we need. When browsing information on this subject on the Internet, we will certainly find that the appropriate offer will be non-bank payday loans.

What are non-bank payday loans?


However, before we decide to make such a commitment, we should know what they are, what amounts the lender proposes and what their repayment looks like. Let’s start from the beginning. Unfortunately, due to the activities of some loan companies, payday loans do not evoke positive associations among Poles. Most of us can talk openly about loans taken from the bank.

However, when the topic of non-bank institutions appears, we do not enter into discussion or express unflattering opinions. We should cut off the past with a thick line and rely on current information, because much has changed since then. Today, online loans have rightly been called an alternative to banking products, and are also covered by appropriate legal regulations guaranteeing consumer safety.

Non-bank payday loan is a financial product with a short loan term


As the name suggests, a non-bank payday loan is a financial product with a short loan term. According to the original assumptions, it was to be a maximum of 30 days. However, browsing current offers, we can easily find companies offering extended repayment periods of up to 65 days.

Thanks to this, the risk of problems with fulfilling the provisions of the contract is reduced, and we can gradually postpone the appropriate amount to the creditor for two months. Considering the short term of the loan, it should not surprise us that the maximum amount of the liability was also covered. Currently, new applicants usually have a chance for financial support in the amount of PLN 2,000 – 3,000. However, there are of course exceptions to the rule – which will also be included in the following statement – offering the possibility of applying for up to PLN 6,000. Along with the repayment of subsequent obligations, lenders reward their loyal customers with higher loan amounts. In this case, we can meet limits reaching up to PLN 10,000. It all depends on the lender’s final decisions.

Non-bank payday loans assume the repayment of liabilities in the form of a one-off payment to the lender’s account. This means that if we decide to borrow PLN 5,000 for 30 days, after one month we will be obliged to refund this amount along with the costs included in the contract. If our financial problems bear the signs of a long-term crisis, there is a risk that we will not have the right amount within the time limit set. However, there is no situation without a way out. Some lenders provide refinancing loans for their clients.

It involves the repayment of the current liability by another company. After taking advantage of this opportunity, our creditor is the second lender and we must pay back the money borrowed to him within a specified period. It is worth remembering that this is a paid service and its activation will be possible before the end of the original loan period. Paid extension time for repayment may also be another option.

Non-bank payday loans online – can you take them online?


The development of modern technologies and the spread of the internet have enabled lenders to change the nature of customer service from personal to remote. The paper application forms have been replaced by electronic ones, and instead of stationary branches we have websites. Thanks to this, the time of applying and waiting for a credit decision has been kept to a minimum, and we can enjoy an additional cash injection even within 15 minutes of accepting the application. However, it is worth remembering that some non-bank payday loans also provide traditional methods of withdrawing money by GIRO check. Therefore, if we do not want to receive money by bank transfer, we still have the option of using the non-bank offer.

How to choose the right payday loan? The fastest way will be to use the loan comparison engine, which collects many offers in one place. One of them is the Loan-Portal. We have at your disposal: numerous statements, expert opinions on specific offers, comments of existing customers, as well as an extensive guide. Among the available lenders you will also find unique offers of free loans that guarantee new APRC clients equal to 0%. Thanks to that, by borrowing PLN 1000 for 30 days, you pay exactly the same after the repayment deadline. No less no more! Below are online non-bank payday loans, which according to our experts, deserve special attention:

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