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Clash Of Clans has long been a popular strategy game. The creators have managed to keep players interested in their games with exciting rewards and challenges that they are constantly updating. The makers recently added a new set of Clan Game rewards that have managed to get a lot of attention among gamers. So here we have listed all the information you need to know about the April 2021 Clan Game Rewards. Read More

April 2021 Clan Games Rewards

There are a total of 6 different reward levels in the April 2021 Clan Game Rewards. These rewards provide players with a number of different items, including Elixir, Dark Elixir, and many other cool items. The April 2021 Clan Game rewards will only be available April 22-28. After that, a new set of clan rewards will be updated on the app. A player can get a maximum of 4000 points. Take a look at the post that was uploaded to the official Clash of Clans Reddit page. Players have been constantly talking about these Clan Games April 2021 rewards on the post shared on the official Reddit game page. Apart from that, we have also listed all the changes made to Clan games by the creators of the game. These have been uploaded to the official Clash Of Clans blog.

  • The cooldown to delete a task will now always be fixed at 10 minutes;
  • Reduced gem cost to speed up the timer from 3x to 1x;
  • The point rewards that require you to earn stars using the builders base troops, win builders base battles, get builders base stars, and get the builders base destruction have been reduced;
  • Several types of tasks will now reward you with increased points, but will also be slightly less likely to appear in the task rotation:
  • Tasks that require you to earn stars against a specific Town Hall level or a Town Hall level higher than your own.
  • Tasks that require you to get stars without using spells or heroes.
  • Tasks that require you to win Titan League battles, earn War Stars, or kill Heroes.

The new Clan games are currently live and will run until April 28. Players can try to get all of these rewards by collecting the maximum points available. The makers update these Clan Game Rewards weekly. The makers have also activated the in-game Clan War Leagues qualifications. This will allow the top 4 clans of Champions I level to obtain a place in the third qualifier of the War League.

Promotional Image Source: Clash Of Clans Twitter

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