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Clash of Clans developers, Supercell, over the years have added more elements to the game that make it even more engaging and easier for players to progress. Clan Games is a game mode that the company added in 2017 with its December update.

In this game mode, users of a clan are given tasks that reward them with clan points upon completion. When added up, these clan points represent the number of points a clan has collected, which can be used to reach different levels for different rewards.

All the details about clan games in Clash of Clans

Clan games occur when the strongman’s caravan is set up next to your village (to the right of the clan’s path from the player’s perspective). When the caravan interacts, it displays the clan challenges available to the clan.

These challenges give players different tasks to complete within a time limit. These tasks may involve the home base or the builder base. Once a member completes challenges, new ones appear in their place, so a clan can never run out of challenges.

Clan games are coming, boss! 🥳 If you’re not in a clan yet, be sure to use the in-game clan search options and tags to find the right team for you! You can also search for clans (or advertise your clan!) at… 💪 #bestclanever

Each challenge has different points as rewards. The harder the challenge, the higher the time granted and the reward points.

Additionally, Clan Games are only available to players with Town Hall 6 or above.

Clan Games Tasks (Image via Sportskeeda)
Clan Games Tasks (Image via Sportskeeda)


Clan Games Rewards (Image via Sportskeeda)
Clan Games Rewards (Image via Sportskeeda)

Rewards in clan games differ each time. Once all tier goals have been met and clan games completed, each participating player can choose their tier reward (one of three in each tier).

Once the choice is made, the rewards are delivered to the user. They come in different forms: gold, elixir, dark elixir, magic items and even gems.

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