How to Maximize Rewards from Clan Games

Introduced in Clash of the clans‘Updated December 2017, Clan Games give Town Hall players ages 6 and up a chance to complete tasks and compete for rewards. At the most, clan games last seven days. During which, clan members will earn points for their clan by completing a variety of clan challenges. Get the most out of your next Clan games and maximize your Clan’s rewards by following our guide!

What are Clan Challenges?

Clan challenges are specific tasks that any member of your clan can perform in order to earn points for the entire clan. During Clan Games, you can access your Clan’s Challenge List by clicking on the Strongman Caravan which is just on the outskirts of your village. Once opened, you will see a list of tasks that anyone in your clan can activate. The challenges can be as simple as winning a single multiplayer battle or as complicated as destroying eight elixir towers in a multiplayer battle.

Each challenge also comes with a time limit, in which the task must be completed in order to earn points for your clan. The more difficult challenges will usually come with a three hour deadline. Easier tasks will usually be capped at one hour. If you can’t complete a task or just want to get rid of it, you always have the option to delete a challenge. New tasks will auto-populate when challenges are completed or removed.

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How does scoring work?

For each Clan Challenge that your Clan completes, points will be awarded to your Clan. Naturally, challenges with a higher difficulty level or a higher time limit will yield higher point values. Finding the right balance between payouts and the time it takes to complete certain tasks is key to increasing your point total and getting the highest rewards.

Depending on the number of points your clan earns during clan games, you will be placed in a level that matches your point total. There are now seven Clan Game Reward Levels, each with unique rewards that are announced before the games start. The first level will offer all of your team members something like a resource potion and 30 gems. Level seven could reward clans with a Book of Heroes and nearly 150 gems. Each player in your clan is capped at 5,000 points. So when it comes to Clan Games, the more the merrier!

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How to get 75,000 points every time

Clan games are simple. The more points your clan gets, the better your rewards will be. The secret to reaching level seven every time is to work smarter, not harder. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you and your clan earn the best rewards week after week:

-Add people to your clan. If your clan is only 10 people, it is literally impossible to access seventh level rewards. Even with 20 people in your clan, reaching the top can be a challenge. Recruit as close to 50 players as possible to give your clan the best shot. You can even combine two clans if you know of another team that is in a similar situation.

-Eliminate weak links. It sounds hardcore. But, if you want the higher level rewards, you cannot afford lower level players in your clan. Players who do not complete the challenges will lose Easy Points.

-Set an objective for how many points each player in the clan must obtain to achieve a team goal.

-Do not throw away too many tasks or at the wrong time. Each time you initiate a challenge, a ten minute cooldown is put in place before you can select a different one. If you remove five challenges, you have to wait 50 minutes before you can complete anything. Sometimes it’s necessary to throw things away (if you know you can’t finish it or no one on your team wants it), but do so sparingly. Also, always delete items right before exiting the app so that the cooldown doesn’t really affect your game.

-Don’t worry about the loot. If you just want to get as many points as possible, complete the challenges and quit the battle. Getting all the loot is a waste of time and will increase your trophy level, making it harder for you to complete challenges and score points for your team.

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These are just the basics but will give you a good start for your next Clan games. If you’re really looking to take it to the next level, Reddit user u / DragonBard_Z wrote a comprehensive guide to mark big. Stay up to date with the latest updates and upcoming events on the official website Clash of the clans website.

To download Clash of the clans Going through google play or the App Store to start!

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